StrewRat - French Express Vol. 1

StrewRat - Disagreements

barry could melt chocolate just with his voice.

Cortex - Troupeau Bleu

Cortex - Troupeau Bleu

hip-hop is dead, long live hip-hop.

see also: Chanson D'Un Jour D'Hiver and Huit Octobre 1971. lots of mad hats and fender rhodes left, right and center. also, original pressing is quite sought after (~USD$400).

Bonobo - Black Sands Remixed

Bonobo - All In Forms (Letherette Remix)

pay off from the buildup at 3:10 is simply chilling.

Sea Level - On The Edge

Sea Level - Living In A Dream

some soft rock/jazz from ’78; always in the mood for some rhodes.

Cornelius - Point

Cornelius - Drop

look ok i couldn't not post this. i'm [not] sorry. the man's composition-from-looping skills are just.. wow.

maybe i'll post mic check another time. more tracks need X-Y microphone recordings in them.

Steve Reich - Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint

Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint III (Fast)

this song means a lot to me, for a number of reasons. it's beautifully composed and peformed, but each little moment is so pretty in its own right. i keep finding this track being used in songs i hadn't even noticed. i think it's even influenced the way i think about writing songs (even if i don't do anything with them).

normally what reich does so well -- using tape loops of each voice to give off interference, both constructive and destructive -- always make an interesting listen, but here the melody and subtle movements of the guitar make there so much more to listen to.

The Slapped Eyeballers - Sloppy Future Manipulations

The Slapped Eyeballers - The Fake Anti Waltz

i loaded up some new music on my phone one monday evening, and went for a walk to get over you. this album played on the walk to foreshore and back.

the end bit on one of the tracks reminded me of a dimlite song, so imagine my surprise when i find out one half of this band is dimlite. i also really like the album art for some reason.

Letta Mbulu - Sweet Juju

Letta Mbulu - Nomalizo

definite weekend sounds all the way from soweto. ~only~ $200 off discogs -- this one badly needs a repress.

Connan Mockasin - Please Turn Me Into the Snat

Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together

this one was a hard choice, trying to pick only one song -- the first three off this album are fucking incredible. maybe i went with the downtempo, melty track because i'm up late writing these overdue entries.

saw connan live at radiohead back in 2012. needless to say, i ceased talking to the girls in front of me after they were saying how much he sucked. his new album is equally weird, but more funky. also worth a listen.

La Ritournelle - Politics

La Ritournelle - Sébastien Tellier

the arrangement, the strings, the bass, and Tony fucking Allen on drums. messy, just the way i like them. would also go the mr dan remix. weird album cover, though.

Julien Dyne - December

Julien Dyne - Limes

definitely best track off this release. sounds a bit like lone if he took a xanax. wasn't that impressed with the rest of it, though.

Peter and Kerry - Clothes, Friends, Photos EP

Peter and Kerry - The Shadows

let it play through until the end.

First Choice - Muzic Box Classics V3

First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Ron Hardy Edit)

honey, let me tell you somethin'. the picnic kids play this a lot. guess why.

it's a fucking stomper; although definitely destined for a mix rather than by itself.

Rondenion - Tokyo Story

Rondenion - Necessary One For Me

found this and a few others on an old french/chicago house music blog a long time ago, back when i was a daft fan. i'd love to know what the sample on this is -- if anyone has an idea, please email me.

Ahmad Jamal - The Awakening

Ahmad Jamal - Dolphin Dance

fucking weather, making me constantly reconsider my choice for today. anyway; there's some really beautiful chord progressions in this. originally composed by Herbie. See also: Kero One - In All the Wrong Places if you want a sweet flip.

Eddie C - Parts Unknown

Eddie C - We Need We

heard this one on a random mixtape. it was the recovery morning after a night of abusing the free bar at secret garden back in 2012, along with a group of amazing strangers, including poor ol "pink eye". they even cooked me breakfast.

original is Manchild - We Need We, if you're curious. it's a simple edit, but man does the double speed and big kick make a difference.

Boards of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

Boards of Canada - Kid For Today

this song always brings back memories of sitting in an empty train, travelling through the japanese countryside; rattling over the train tracks along to the drums, keyboard floating around the carriage with its whistful melancholy.

David Axelrod - Songs of Experience

David Axelrod - The Human Abstract

you can feel it -- the emotion of each. individual. stroke. of the piano keys in that beautiful conclusion; gripping on to every breath of sound.

an imagining of the poem The Human Abstract by William Blake

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