Gil Scott-Heron - Bridges

Gil Scott-Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit

long time favourite of mine, especially that bubbly synth thing.

"and what would karen silkwood say t'you, if she was still alive?"

Jemapur - Evacuation

Jemapur - Maledict Car

the video clip for this track is directed by kosai sekine, and produced by w+k tokyo lab in response to the idea 'ten'.

i found it really inspiring -- a "tokyo mandala". you should really watch it.

Kings of Convenience - Declaration Of Dependence

Kings of Convenience - Renegade

managed to catch them at the opera house last year, for a measly $30.

sorry for all the depressing songs. maybe they'll come in handy.

Kindness - World, You Need a Change of Mind

Kindness - Gee Wiz

slow ethereal bass jams.

Fur - Black Castles

Fur - Friends (Solar Bears Remix)

ironically titled. a beautiful song to 'go out' to.

Sven Libaek - My Thing - Sven Libaek and his Orchestra

Sven Libaek - Misty Canyon

you probably wouldn't have thought he was australian unless i told you.

originally found this from karminsky experience inc.'s departures. also flipped by danger doom.

Can - Future Days

Can - Bel Air

nice way to start the month: 20 whole minutes of krautrock soundscape. there's eveything in here. ambient, rock, electronic, drum and bass. throw it on in the background, and let it do magic.

last album with freeform vocals of ダモ鈴木. seriously, oh man i'm listening to it right now as i write this, ahh, this track is so fucking incredible.

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