Mo Kolours - Mo Kolours

Mo Kolours - Little Brown Dog

big vibes on this one. the steel drum and whistle really manage to drive their way in your head.

what a happy little dog. see you on the flip side, 2015.

Kae - Five Parts of the Soul

Kae - Heart

all this neo-soul is for my neu-soul.

maybe i'll round it out by having lots of techno next month...

Hiatus Kaiyote - By Fire

Hiatus Kaiyote - Molasses

sony music releasing something interesting? what's happening to the world i knew and loved?!

this song goes to lots of different places, often when you least expect it. tell your inner beat grid to take the day off; you'll be better for it.

$20 if you don't put it on repeat straight afterwards.

D'Angelo - Black Messiah

D'Angelo - The Charade

dang. out prince-ing prince here.

maybe he managed to find a time portal from the year 2014 back to the 90s?

La Chatte Rouge - Source Lab

La Chatte Rouge - Ecoutez.. Fumez..

very downtempo -- for ~chill peeps~ only.

off a pretty cool french compilation album from 1995 (i believe there was a follow up but haven't heard it).

the artist behind this one is actually Étienne de Crécy, who probably has more aliases than i have fingers. all his early stuff sounds chill like this, and progressively gets harder and harder as the years go past (eg Super Discount 2 is pretty acid-sounding).

i just really like the way everything on this album is spaced out sonically. Mandrake by Alex Gopher is pretty sweet, too.

Andrew Ashong - Andrew Ashong EP

Andrew Ashong - Special

ha, here i was thinking i'd always be up to date in posting these...

merry christmas and hazy vibes to all. ps if you like this, there's also 'flowers' with him and theo parrish that's a bit of a bouncer, too.

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