Cleva - Mama's Gun

Cleva - Erykah Badu

been rinsing this all day.

i was looking through my old backups of music and found my collection circa 2010, including a tonne of music that i'd copied from a friend -- some well labelled, others not so well. for instance, this track is apparently by "eryka badu".

anyway, after listening to a bunch of tracks featuring her, remixes by her, and being sent a bittersweet track by jade a long time ago, finally decided to start from the beginning. this track is from 2000.

this one also solves a sample mystery from some cheezy house mix i've had for god knows how long. but anyway, glad that her albums are full of jazz references. problem is now i'm not sure which ones are covers, and which are completely original compositions (hmm, perhaps a good analogy might be the sense that you're missing a subtle reference in a joke, or in a poem).

ha, i just found out dilla produced this, and a bunch of other tracks on this album! no wonder. plus roy mother-fucking ayers is on vibraphone on this track.


the timeless tracks are the ones about being real. erykah does 'em well. and although my "ninnies" don't sag without a bra, i do wish i was cleva.. i hope i'm (still) on your mind.


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